U-Socket Power Outlet With Built in USB Ports - Performance Upgrades

Power, Outlet: U-Socket, Dual Outlet/ Dual USB, 110V, TruePower

Model: Standard Duplex

Power, Outlet: U-Socket, Dual Outlet/ Dual USB, 110V, TruePower


$29.95  $24.95

Modernize your electrical outlets with U-Socket, the 1st change to the wall outlet in 85 years!

Since 1927, the wall outlet has consisted of hot, neutral & ground plugs that provide 110V of AC power. U-Socket adds 2 USB plugs that also provide 5V of DC power. Now your mobile device charger is conveniently built right into the wall! Save space & get a clean, uncluttered look. Also reduce your energy costs because unlike external chargers, U-Socket only comes on when you need it and shuts off when you don't! Designed & Made in USA. Listed to UL, NEC & IEC code.

Plug into savings, plug into convenience, plug into U-Socket- the outlet of the future!

• Charge 2 extra devices without using AC plugs.
• 2.6A output allows you to charge more devices faster & at full rate.
• Next generation High Power USB charging technology built-in
• Eco-friendly design: save up to $20/ year and earn LEED points.
• Eliminate Vampire Power Draw
• Easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) install: no special tools or wiring required.
• Faceplate included.
• Fits most standard electrical gang boxes.
• BTO Tamper Resistant Option
• Multiple Color Options
• Critically acclaimed and award winning original invention.
• New York Times’ Top Tech Idea Of The Year.
• Made in the USA.

Compatibility: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Bluetooth Headsets, Digital Cameras, Kindle, GPS & more!