Rivet Belt Clip - Performance Upgrades

Belt, Clip: Rivet

Model: ACE-7140

Belt, Clip: Rivet



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Belt, Clip: Rivet

Works Great with the FastMac TruePower iV Battery Pack and Charger!

For mobile phone, PDA, MP3 player, camera and other mobile devices

So secure, you'll never worry about losing your device again!

Are you tired of flimsy plastic clips that don't hold your phone or other devices securely? Then the stainless steel Rivet Belt Clip is the carrying solution for you! One of the world's smallest and strongest clips, the Rivet Belt Clip attaches easily and securely to your belt. Its one-touch release button lets you detach your device quickly with one hand and while you continue to do business with the other.


Versatile - holds most mobile devices including mobile phone, PDA, camera and MP3 player

Sleek, streamlined, stylish design

Stainless steel construction

Locks securely on your belt

Holds device securely in place

One-touch button for quick release of device